RSS Feed Fixed

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Thanks to Bjarke for discovering that the links on my RSS feed were broken. This has now been fixed!

“Why didn’t you test the RSS feed?”, you might ask the ostensibly professional system administrator. The answer is that my brain has a very intricate and complicated system for prioritising the importance of projects and work tasks, and thus the extent to which I make sure they work properly:

There are two boxes, “mine” and “other”. Any project or task that is important to me go in “mine”, and any project or task that is important to other people go in “other”. Then the “other” box is placed on top of the “mine” box.

So don’t be surprised if this site topples over and is erased from existence because you bumped into one of the network cables on your floor.

Network cables are still a thing that other people use in their house, right?

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